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  • There’s little here that doesn’t make you wonder where Tunstall has been hiding all this beauty until now

    Guardian Four Stars
  • a beautiful album, by far her best

    Uncut Four Stars
  • Songwriting at its best

    Q Four Stars
  • Elegant and heartfelt

    MOJO Four Stars
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"KT's voice has never sounded so good"
Jo Whiley

deluxe: short film, plus 2 extra tracks

free track download of ‘The Thief’

Signed albums
  1. Invisible Empire
  2. Made Of Glass
  3. How You Kill Me
  4. Carried
  5. Old Man Song
  6. Yellow Flower
  7. Crescent Moon
  8. Waiting On The Heart
  9. Feel It All
  10. Chimes
  11. Honeydew
  12. No Better Shoulder
  13. Feel It All - Band Jam (Bonus Track)